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Commercial Pest Control Services in Clifton, New Jersey

The commercial pest control experts at Ex-Terminators know how to protect your business. Since 1989, we have been providing service to Northern New Jersey.

If you are in need of pest extermination services, contact us and we will send out a pest specialist to visit your business. We will determine if there are any current infestations or conditions that can lead to a future infestation.
Large Chemical Container Spray - Commercial Pest Control in Clifton, NJ

Safe Extermination

Throughout the years we have developed safer techniques for pest elimination. The product and method that we use depends on the type of pest. Regardless, Ex-Terminator Pest Control uses only environmentally friendly baits, traps, and insecticides.

Scheduled Maintenance

We believe that pest prevention is the best policy. Our specialists will inspect your business to determine conditions that can cause problems. We will perform regularly scheduled preventative treatments designed to save you time and money.
Contact the commercial pest control experts at Ex-Terminator Pest Control to receive a free estimate.